Extreme Poverty Occurs More Seldom However, it’s much harder to root it out now.


Extreme poverty is a term that characterizes the condition when people are seriously deprived of the basic human needs. They include food, fresh water, a place to live, health care, and sanitation facilities.

The statistics have showed that the extreme poverty continues to diminish. In the last few years, the poor population decreased from 10% to 8.6% of the world.

On the other hand, it’s much harder to tackle it now. The economy growth improved the welfare of many people in Asia. The African poverty, however, is much harder to control. Its weak economy and high birth rates make it even harder to estimate the data. Many poor Africans are not even close to $1.90 line. It’s the smallest possible sum of money a person is supposed to live on per day which varies yearly and is equivalent to $2.1 now.

The rapid economic growth has definitely decreased the extreme poverty in South and East Asia and the Pacific region. However, according to the information delivered by the World Bank not much has changed for Sub-Saharan Africa. Their numbers are practically the same which slows down the global poverty rate a lot.

Extreme poverty is found in chaotic, ill-governed areas. The numbers are growing in Syria and Yemen, for example. The war can definitely explain this growth. Moreover, the latest data suggests that it’s growing in Venezuela as well. The UN and the World Bank has the goal to eliminate extreme poverty within the next decade.

All of it has a big lesson for humanity. While the world is trying to figure out how to pull people out of extreme poverty, the real question should probably how to prevent the entire nations from falling into it.

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